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by Lehonani McEchaidh

There’s a lot of conjecture about the term twin flames, so the following is my interpretation, and it may differ for other twin flames.

The path of awakening already comes with its share of the unknown and may be difficult for some to understand, and it may come naturally for others.  From symptoms identical to the current outbreak of Covid-19 to the mere confusion of what it is to be awoken and ascending, there is little wonder why there are so many questions with very few truths as it is a journey we must take on our own.  Not to say we should not seek out other like-minded people for support, otherwise known as your soul tribe, because these people are our new people as we also lose those not awoken to the truth of everything that is happening and everything that we are.  The thing about awakening is that we must find ourselves first to help others do the same; this is not an easy task.  With knowledge comes insight, and with insight, everything becomes clearer, and the truth becomes your next heartache.  You battle with the realization that what you have known for your entire existence on Earth is merely an illusion. Then you must deal with old wounds and childhood traumas ascension forces on our dense bodies to surface, and everyone would have heard of the lightworkers, those chosen by the Prime Creator to share the light with those who cannot yet see it. It’s a tremendous responsibility to act, yet it must be completed.  So, while everyone understands these concepts, not many know about them, let alone tell you about the emptiness you might feel within your very core.  Lightworker or not, not everyone on Earth in this lifetime and currently awoken will feel this emptiness. Still, if you are one of those that have awoken and have a longing for someone you may or may not know and who may or may not be in the same country as you, you are likely to have a twin flame somewhere on Earth who may or may not feel the same way.

So, what is a twin flame?

A twin flame is one half of another person’s soul.  Your twin flame is a reflection, a mirror of you, and you see every fault in them because it reflects your own faults.  This is also the purpose of twin flame reunions, to heal each other’s flaws and progress to a higher vibrational frequency together.

To explain further, let us go back in time to the City of Atlantis when Twin Flame connections were severed.  Atlantis was flourishing, both in life and love.  Technological advancements were such that everything Atlantis ran on was natural power through crystal placement.  Yet like now, greed took over, and it was inevitable that Atlantis would fall.  Before Atlantis sunk into the depths below, the divine feminine decided that instead of being separated for eternity, they would split their souls in half and each take the other, leaving Atlantis and experiencing different lifetimes and lands in the hope they would one day find each other again.

Twin Flame Connection

This brings us to this point in time.  Twin flames in this lifetime are placed across different points on Earth’s matrix worldwide to not only awaken and help humanity rise but to reunite and fulfill their own destiny with their other divine half.

This is why emptiness and longing for connection with your twin flame begins way before you meet, and in this NOW of awakening.  Twin flame connection is so intense, so strong that you simply cannot deny what is happening even before you connect.  It is different from a life partner relationship, for the connection to mind and soul is stronger and NEVER goes away.  There may be a period where one twin decides to run; known as the runner chaser phase, as they are afraid of what is happening; however, everything that occurs within a twin flame relationship is normal because they are meant to be together.  Their paths have been on separate journeys involving heartache, happiness, turmoil, and death in multitude, which all becomes a mission when you find each other. Still, there is no denying the feeling and connectivity between the two of you. There are no words to describe a twin flame connection other than you are home.

Yes, there is turmoil because your soul needs to heal to become one again, yet there is absolutely no denying there is something special and unique about this connection.  Your twin flame may or may not also be your soulmate, but the difference between the two is easy to spot.  Twin flames NEVER stop thinking of the other person and feels everything the other does to the point you are telepathically speaking to one another.  This connection never stops even while sleeping, but does help when you are miles apart, for not all twin flames, as mentioned earlier, are together.  Twin flames will eventually be together because it is a forever bond, an eternal love that no one can break, no matter the circumstances.

Every twin flame will be with the other half of their soul.

I know this because I am one half the divine feminine to my divine masculine’s soul.

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