Trusting your intuition is the key to a powerful life

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We’ve all experienced that inner gut sensation when we know something is off. You know, that feeling we get when we think we’re being betrayed by a partner, or that feeling we get when we get offered a job opportunity and we know it’s not our path. We also get positive inner gut sensations, for example: we might get an inexplicable feeling to leave a corporate job and start our own business, or we might get a feeling to end our relationship with our partner out of nowhere. This is called intuition. It’s our soul compass, and it always leads us in the right direction. Sometimes, the people in our life may not understand why we feel the things we do or why we make certain decisions…and guess what? that’s perfectly fine. No one has to understand your journey. Sometimes, we don’t even understand our journey and again, that’s perfectly okay. We’re here to learn what that journey is and how to follow our own path.

We all come to this life with certain lessons and certain paths. Comparing our experiences and our journey to someone else is pointless because we all have individual things to learn. Our true power lies in accepting that we have our own journey and making decisions that truly align with who we are. Trusting ourselves is by far one of the most difficult things to do. I’ve personally struggled so much in thinking for myself and making choices based off of my own intuition. Asking other people “what should I do?” always felt like the safer option…but it wasn’t the empowering option. Every time I asked someone else to decide my beliefs and my values for me, I gave my power away. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to ask for wisdom and guidance from others but ultimately, the goal is to decide for ourselves. Our friends, family members and partners don’t have the answers because they’re not living through our exact experiences and emotions. They are only able to guide us from their perspective which usually isn’t our perspective.

What is my truth? What do I stand for? What are my core values and beliefs? What feels right to me and what doesn’t feel right to me? I find that these are really important questions to ask yourself when you’re going through a challenging time. When you’re struggling to make a decision, stay in your power and ask yourself,  “what does my higher self need and want?”. The more you trust your own choices, the stronger your intuition becomes. The stronger your intuition becomes, the more powerful you feel. And when you feel powerful, you find freedom; freedom in who you are and who you’re meant to be.

To live a life of freedom and empowerment, we have to be willing to follow our intuition. It feels like a huge risk to go against what we intellectually “think” and what were taught to do by our family, culture/religion and society, but it only feels like a risk because when we follow our intuition, we’re breaking free from our conditioning. We’re stepping out of the box that we were in for so long and coming back to who we really are. There’s truly nothing more powerful than breaking free and creating that life for ourselves that we were meant to live. When we do this, we inspire others to step into their most powerful selves and find their own way.


We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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