The Truth Will Set You Free – An Interview With Chelsea Pompeo

The Truth Will Set Your Free- An interview with Chelsea Pompeo
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The truth will set you free..but first it will shatter your illusions. Our illusions have definitely been shattered these past few months. The freedom we thought we had was stripped away from us….but thankfully, humanity is waking up little by little. One of the things I’m most grateful for is the people that speak their truth about what’s really happening in our world. I had the honor of interviewing Chelsea Pompeo ( on instagram) who is a certified health coach and a certified truth speaker (there should be a certification for that). I loved getting to know her and I’m sure you will too!


Chelsea Pompeo, of on Instagram, is a single mother to a beautiful three year old daughter, certified Health Coach, and distributor of a safe heavy metal detox spray. She is fiercely passionate about the things she loves – truth, faith, freedom, and family. She didn’t choose this path she’s on, this path chose her. Her mission is to assist people in freeing themselves from themselves by helping to detoxify their minds, bodies, and souls. A hopeless romantic by nature and lover of all things spicy. When not advocating for freedom or coaching her community members she enjoys writing, cooking, dancing, and embracing her feminine side.


Q: When did you first start waking up to the truth of our reality and the world we live in? How did you feel about it?

A: Truthfully I believe there has always been a piece of me that has known deep down inside that there was more to life than what society wanted us to believe. I had many nights where I battled my own mind. A tug of war between the deep knowing of my soul that there was something majorly wrong with our reality and my mind which kept trying to keep me trapped in a box to conform with the rest of my peers. However, it wasn’t until I realized my daughter was injured by vaccines back in 2018 did I truly awaken to the major agenda at play. Once I went down the rabbit hole of the medical establishment it was like glass shattering. My whole world began to fall apart. What I once thought was for the greater good of humanity turned out to be a weapon of destruction against our children. The veil of illusion that our government was there to protect us was lifted and it triggered an instinct in me that had me questioning everything. Once the truth set in that we are being systematically poisoned, dumbed down, and enslaved I began the 5 Stages of Grief. The person who emerged from the ashes of a her former self was a woman with a burning desire to share the truth with everyone fueled by righteous anger. The great awakening, however difficult the process may be, has been one of the best things to ever happen. And although there may be a lot of uncertainty surrounding us at the moment, one thing I know for sure is those who trust and believe in something bigger than themselves are divinely protected and in the end humanity wins


Q: What do you feel called to do on this planet? What is your life mission?

A: My deepest desire and what I feel called to do with my time here on earth is to help my fellow man and woman overcome the insidious fear that has crept into the heart of humanity. I want to help create a world in which people feel empowered to become their authentic selves. A world in which we are no longer slaves to the system, but creators of our own destinies. My hope is to raise my daughter in a world that is not built upon lies and manipulation, but truth and transparency. A world united for the common good of humanity. I believe we achieve this by continuing to connect back to God, nature, and our intuition. By learning how to navigate through our emotions, not allowing them to control us, and using them to our advantage. Then we extend what we have learned and help those around us do the same. By raising our own individual vibrations, we in turn raise the collective. That’s the ultimate goal.


Q: How do you deal with the criticism that comes with speaking your truth?

A: It’s been a process to say the least. I was a former people pleaser, so breaking the habit of being what others wanted me to be and stepping into the truth of who I am was an uncomfortable experience for me at first. I learned early on the significance of breath work and the power that comes with just breathing deep into my emotions. Through practice I’ve learned not to allow the criticism of others to provoke a physical response in my body. Most of the time when we are being challenged by another person our body immediately responds with flight or fight mode. Unknowingly we want to shield ourselves from an unwanted “attack”. Our heart rate begins to speed up, we may feel nauseous, begin to perspire and turn flush. Being aware of this change in body chemistry and learning to breathe and calm my heart rate was a great first step for me. It allowed my brain to be able to read and acknowledge what a person was saying without an immediate emotional response. I gave myself the space to process. Within that space I was able to rationally realize they are just words. They bear no weight if I do not allow them to. Then I let go. Just like with any habit we want to implement into our lives it takes consistent practice and as time goes on it gets easier to do. Afterwards I choose whether I will engage in conversation with that person or not. If they are just throwing insults they don’t usually get a response. Time is too limited and energy is too important to be wasting it on people committed to misunderstanding you.

Q: What is one thing you’d like to accomplish in this lifetime?

A: I would eventually like to become more self sufficient and as independent from the system as possible. Live more off grid, grow my own food, limit my time on technology, and connect more with nature. Then I want to be able to teach others how to do the same. Our world has become so artificial. We have forgotten our innate abilities as human beings. I’d like to be able to show people the beauty that comes with a more natural way of living and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with putting in the work. It wasn’t that long ago that our time here on earth was spent working to survive. The modern world has offered us more luxuries and advancements in technology which is wonderful, but it’s now tipping the scales and becoming more of a hinderance.Our dependency on the system to provide for us has left us vulnerable. When we rely too much on others to take care of us if it gets taken away where does that leave us? I want to be able to give others another option.


Q: What is your definition of freedom? What does true freedom look like and feel like to you? 

A: My definition of freedom is being completely devoid of fear or anything that keeps you from being your highest self. To me true freedom is standing on a solid foundation of faith that regardless of the darkness that we may see around us that we are divinely protected and that we do not have to worry. To me true freedom is living in the present moment, not trapped in the memories of the past or the anxieties of the future. To me true freedom is fully trusting your journey here and choosing to be grateful for every experience. To me true freedom allows you the ability to feel and experience all of what life has to offer without judgement. It’s an understanding that every person and event in your life is meant to help you in your evolution and road to enlightenment.


Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: Honestly my followers on Instagram, some of which have become very good friends. They allow me to be a part of their journeys each day through the words that I share. I also get the pleasure of talking with a fair amount of the them each day as well. Their choice to be vulnerable with me and share their feelings is something I do not take lightly. They share their fears, their victories, their hopes. Their thoughts and opinions. Their kind words. I’m honored and humbled by them. Their support and dedication to the truth and what’s right is admirable to me. It’s not easy putting yourself out there and I know a lot of my followers have become incredible leaders within their own community of people. People inspiring people, like the ripple effect, to rise up is one of the most incredible phenomenons to watch. To be able to witness some of my followers transform from fearful, confused, and disempowered to strong and brave warriors of light is such a gift to me. They are a large part of what keeps me inspired to continue down this road I am on. Also, my cousin and best friend Sarah Smith of Sarah Smith Strength. She embodies to me what a true warrior of light is. Strong, intelligent, balanced, and faith filled. In my moments of doubt, which we all have, she is my rock and there to remind me of who I am. She has been there through some of the most difficult moments of my life. Her wisdom and perseverance constantly inspire me to reach for more. Without her by my side through this season of life I’m not sure where I would be.


Q: Out of all the topics you speak about on your Instagram, which one are you most passionate about?

A: I touch upon a lot of different injustices that I believe are serious problems in our world, but what I am most passionate about is helping people free themselves, from themselves, so that true change can happen. I am a big advocate for getting to the root of a problem and taking care of it at the source. I believe what stops a lot of good men and women from doing what’s right for themselves and the world is fear. So many people are prisoners of their own minds, being held captive by their egos. In order for us to see true justice for all of the horrible atrocities that have been done to human beings and the planet we need people to wake up, shed the fear, and empower themselves.


If you want to learn more about Chelsea and how she’s helping humanity awaken, make sure to follow her on instagram where she posts valuable information about sex trafficking, vaccines, COVID-19 and much more.

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