The Spiritual Tools Of A Truth Seeker

The Spiritual Tools Of A Truth Seeker
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Each moment during this Great Awakening another soul’s eyes are opened as The Truth about our reality is revealed. This initial revelation sparks the desire for deeper knowledge and so the endless journey begins.

Researching, learning and unlearning is a mind-blowing rollercoaster ride, as exhilarating as it is frustrating. The thrill of solving a mystery, connecting seemingly disparate dots, realising supposed conspiracy theories are fact and also finding other like-minded searchers is only part of the experience.

Most who transcend the 3D density of lies, corruption and fear are also witnessing  The Great Separation as they feel the vast chasm in perception between friends, family, neighbours and colleagues still entangled in the hypnotic trap that was so cunningly laid for us.
To them, we appear we appear crazy and deluded. They cannot understand why we would put our trust in random information found on the internet. Blog posts, memes, videos and podcasts created by people who are not even ‘real journalists’ all taking the opposing view to everything that is presented by the long-standing professional media.
For them, it is ridiculous that the people they have idolised and trusted to shape their lives would ever deceive them or not have their best interests at heart.
Yet that is The Truth.

For the truth-seeker, they now have to engage in a different kind of thought process. It’s is not enough simply to be told something and accept it as fact.
The long lost art of critical thinking, the one that society’s education/indoctrination programme rewarded you to abandon, becomes your prime asset. As you wade through the infinite mass of information in search of the facts you will encounter counterfeit documents/photographs/websites, shills, LARPs and in the midst of it all honest voices with their message.
You develop investigative skills that only seemed necessary for homicide detectives. Now as a warrior of truth you learn that accepting anything at face value is simply not enough. Information needs to be dissected, any names mentioned need to be verified and most critical of all, follow the money. The fascinating part is that as you descend into another rabbit hole discovering more gems and thinking that somehow you lost track of your initial enquiry, threads somehow magically provide you with more than your logical, linear approach ever could.

Over time it becomes very clear that the key players are few and everybody is somehow connected. Eventually, there are no real surprises and as those dots connect they create a web of deception that illustrates the created reality we have been imprisoned in.
We have been so reliant on using the mind to do the work and think within our parameters of our knowledge to answer the curiosities we continuously find. Remember there is so much hidden from us. Things that we deem impossible have a solution. Think technology, cures for diseases, beyond human capabilities and so much more…We have also been taught that truth needed validation from others, so we can feel comfortable that we have got it right. A qualification. A gold star. A round of applause.
Isn’t knowing that your efforts can liberate humanity a more worthy reward?

These times require a different approach.
Develop and nurture your intuition, if you have a hunch, follow it. As much as you possibly can reduce the fluoride that enters your body. It is a poison that has been historically used to keep people docile and calcifies your pineal gland.
Always ask questions and stay in the open energy of a question. Know that the answer will always reveal itself. It longs to be discovered.
Have compassion for those brave enough to speak out. Everybody is trying their best and has to overcome their own fears to step forward. If you cannot say anything nice, why say anything at all?
Give up the need to be right. You are not your opinions. Sometimes you may be wrong. Why waste valuable time in online spats when your energy is needed on the frontline of truth? Throw your hands up, move on.
Meditate. Pray. Connect with your Higher Self. Open your heart.
Whatever practice fills you with compassion, strength and vision.
Do that!

If you are reading this you have in some way felt the calling to be part of The Great Awakening and it is not something you can and will take lightly.
Know that you are not alone even though it may feel like it. Stay steadfast in your pursuit. It is easy to be confused and doubtful especially as the fear and panic of the unawakened ones intensify.

This is what you came for.
You got this!

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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