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The Path of Awakening

The Guide Within

by Brandon Fults,  GAR Writer & Editor

We are all born with intuition or a “guide” that will show us the way out of disease, lack mentality, depression, the urge to seek the external for your internal needs, and so much more. This incorrect paradigm of needing some external force to fix our issues is the cause for much of the heartache, endless searching, and utter disappointment that we continually face individually and as a society. As much as external remedies and guidance may be useful, they also can distract us from the abilities that we all hold within.

Self-help books can be dangerous for this reason if we are not careful. Essentially, you are listening to someone else telling you what is right and how to live, which in turn can further separate you from your innate power. Some practices and tools are immensely beneficial to employ. Meditation, a healthy diet, and awareness of all consumption and thought patterns can usher in profound changes in this journey. Once you start living in alignment with your true nature, these modalities will seem effortless and become a part of your being.

My goal is to help facilitate a useful link so you can trust yourself and believe in your truths. I insist you not take what I say as a model on how to live, but instead, use it as a facilitator of sorts to find what genuinely resonates with YOU. It’s not helpful to focus on specific words that I use. Instead, try to obtain the message as a whole. Many concepts that I may convey do not have appropriate words, especially in the trade-centered English language. Substitute words that are conflicting so that you can feel how the message resonates within. Take what is useful and leave what is not. You have the keys to all doors that you may wish to open, and I am writing this to help you find those keys and use them with confidence.

Life is experienced in a linear fashion, or we at least think it is. However, this process is often not linear at all. There are peaks and valleys, smiles, and tears, as well as uncomfortable and ongoing inner work. This shift into awakening requires a leap of faith into the unknown as well as a realization that how you have been living is not a life but rather an existence. The closer you walk to your higher self, the easier the transition from existing into truly living will be. There is freedom and liberation in shedding what you once found imperative to hold on to that no longer serves your greater well-being. Thought patterns not based in love and truth are not only burdens but blockades.

Awareness of your thoughts as well as practicing meditation play a crucial role in overcoming these obstacles.  Once you think you have the answers, it is much more difficult, if not impossible to see different perspectives or truths. Let go of how you were advised to think, how you learned the world works, and the persona that you were forced to adopt as a protective layer. Open yourself up to hearing multiple points of view on subjects, especially ones you may disagree with, and then question all of it. Once you shed other people’s ideas and agendas, you can start to learn what is unquestionable and honest within your own heart. You can begin to view the universe from a similar point of view as a young child—the way you thought before you were conditioned to think and learn in a certain way that was entirely set in place by others. It is okay to question things. It is even better to question everything!

There is no template for the process of healing and awakening. The things that worked for me may not work for you. That which resonates with me may not resonate with you, and that’s okay. Pay attention to the way things make you feel. Your intuition will tell you what is appropriate for you and what is not. The point of this series is to help you find your truths, not to adopt mine as your own, which would just be perpetuating the same old cycle. The subjects and ideas that sparked my journey very well may be different from those that spark yours, and that is what is so great about this site.

I urge you to find something that you have always questioned, a subject or event that has repeatedly made you close one eye slightly in disbelief, and then study it. Study as many aspects and points of reference as you can. There is no right or wrong in this process so long as it creates the growth and evolution of your consciousness, you are awakening. The amount of information that we have available to us in this current age is incredible. However, the amount of misinformation that we have access to is equally stunning, especially to the thinking brain. Use your heart to find your truths. Feel more and think less.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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