So You Just Woke Up. Now What?

So You Just Woke Up. Now What?
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People on Earth are waking up at an exponential rate and it is beautiful.
Finally, we are seeing The Truth. Darkness and deception are coming to an end.
However, before we collectively envision a new world, we must process our individual responses to this shifting reality.
The first thing you will probably want to do is wake up as many people as possible. This feels like the most caring thing to do because you want the people you love most to become conscious but prepare to meet ridicule, resistance and/or possibly lose a few people.
Until you have fully integrated what you have just learned it is likely that your approach will be urgent and overwhelming.
Imagine trying to shake someone awake from a deep sleep. They are never going to appreciate being yanked from the comfort of their slumber. You will probably be faced with their frustration and anger as they pull the duvet firmly over their heads and defiantly go back to bed.
They will only hear you when you can deliver your message with patience, compassion and the awareness that some people will never wake up.
These traits arise after you have worked through healing yourself.
Be prepared to experience a range of emotions.
Allow yourself to feel everything.  Do not endeavour to suppress or ignore any of it. This is how you heal.
It is not easy, pretty or linear but it will all pass and you will be stronger for it.
Below are some of the emotions you may feel, and accompanying thoughts you may have. This list is by no means conclusive, it is a guide for you.
Your unique perspective and journey are valid. There is no real order or time frame. You may find it useful to document how you are feeling. Journaling, recording audio or video are all excellent ways to get thoughts out of your head. Go for walks, dance, scream, cry, meditate. Nothing is wrong or bad, we are having a human experience and emotions are part of that.
Just know you are working through at your own pace.
Be in whatever arises at that time.
They lied to me!
Potentially life-saving information was deliberately withheld from me.
How was this allowed to happen? How dare they treat me/us this way!
Some has to pay!
How could I be so stupid?
I bought into that public figure/organisation.
My friend/relative was trying to educate me but I laughed in their face and called them crazy. Will they speak to me ever again?
I miss my old life when I didn’t know.
I have lost everything.
Can I ever trust again?
How deep do the lies go?
I am so scared. I don’t feel safe.
So many people have suffered. I feel powerless.
What kind of life can we have now?
I don’t know who I am now.
I really thought that person was good.
I invested years in that organisation.
Why doesn’t anybody believe me?
I’m tired of feeling like this.
Wake up sheeple!
Why don’t people see what I see?
I am gentle with myself.
All of us are playing a role.
It is what it is.
Clarity. Peace.
This is an opportunity for me to create a new version of myself.
My experience means I can guide others when they are ready.
I am thankful for incarnating on this planet at this time.
Life is truly beautiful.
Self Love.
I am a sovereign being.
I create my reality.
I can be, do and have anything I desire.
I want to live in harmony.
Everything is love.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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