Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear
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Fear is your imagination in negative overdrive.
It is a thought, a projection, an illusion. Your willingness to indulge in this possibility animates it so it appears real. 

But it is not happening. If you are going to use your potent energy to take yourself out of the present moment, why not imagine something that makes you feel good?
Our society has become conditioned to fearful thinking as our default response. We believe we are being practical and realistic yet we are causing ourselves immense harm. 

Fear will trigger a survival response in the body – releasing adrenaline, cortisol and shutting down all but the essential bodily functions. However, this is only useful when an immediate escape is necessary. Living in constant fight or flight mode can compromise your immunity, cardiovascular function and mental health. 

When you are plagued with a barrage of worst-case scenarios, fear will convince you that you are small, helpless and alone. In this state, it is harder to access your calm, creative mind and draw from the field of endless solutions. 

Anything is possible. You live the outcome you chose to give your energy to.
After years of unconsciously creating, are you ready to intentionally manifest your true desires?

A fearful state will often also express itself in your body.
When you can identify these, you can release them.

How are you breathing?
Is your breath rapid and shallow? Take time to inhale mindfully and deeply. Start by directing the breath to the diaphragm and slowly filling up the lungs from the bottom. Exhale calmly the same rate. Put your hand on your heart and tune into your heartbeat. Allow your heartbeat to regulate as you breathe. 

Do you feel tension or heaviness in your body?
Are your shoulders too close to your ears?  Do you clench your teeth? What are you doing with your hands? Take a moment to scan your body, breathe into areas of stress with the intention of releasing any stress you feel there.

Question yourself.
What is the worst that can happen?
What is the best that can happen?
Did you realise that in both instances you were still in the present moment and only your thoughts travelled? 

Are these thoughts yours?
If you are empathic you may be tuned into the fear of someone near you or the collective fear.
Ask, ”Who does this being to?’’ and wait for an answer. 

Remember fear is a pattern that can be disrupted. Becoming conscious of your negative thinking takes a deliberate effort and you will be surprised at how many of your thoughts are not positive. Do not be discouraged.
You are reclaiming control of your mind and there is nothing more powerful.


We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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