Healing Our Shadows

Healing Our Shadows
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The world is awakening at an exponential rate. Greater numbers of people are discovering the hidden truth about life on Earth.
Most of what we have taken as reality is a lie. We have been so deeply deceived.
Crimes too heinous for us to comprehend have been perpetrated against us individually and as a collective. Innocents have been subjected to such intense suffering and abuse that the mere thought of it brings intense pain to our hearts.

Would it not be easier to be blissfully ignorant of such things?

In order for us to awaken and ascend to a higher dimension, we must give up what weighs us down, collectively and individually. 

We must confront our shadows, reveal our secrets and heal our traumas to then move into a space of forgiveness and love. This is not easy to do. Facing the truth is destabilising. In an instant, long-held beliefs crumble, leaving us vulnerable and disorientated. We feel shocked, despair, depression, anger – in fact almost every so-called negative emotion.

The easier option would be to numb ourselves with food, alcohol, television, shopping, mindless internet scrolling… there are so many ways to evade the pain.
But it is better to let those emotions come through because however dark it appears in that moment, it does pass.

This is healing. Each path will be different. It is not a linear process. Those emotions may come at unexpected moments, in your dreams or daily thoughts. You will wonder if or when you will ever have peace again and although there is no timeframe, know that every time you allow the sensation to work its way through you are progressing.

A person transformed by healing is both stronger and softer. They stand steadfast for themselves and for others. They understand and empathize in a way that only experience can teach.

As we rise, we become our own and each other’s healers.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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