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The Connected Series, Connecting the Dots is a coaching series of podcasts brought to you by The Great Awakening Report featuring our founding partner, and editor.  The series covers topics related to our main themes of truth, awakening, and consciousness.  The format is designed to emulate a coaching session hosted by Carol in a Q&A session with Mark of The Great Awakening Report. We seek to bring a variety of perspectives and creative shows where there is something for everyone.

Part 1 – Transformational Awakening

We discuss transformational awakening and have provided our discussion notes and script below:

  • The Extent of Deceptions & Lies Continues – Globalism vs Nationalism, War over New Financial System, Debt Reset vs Debt Jamboree, CovidScam vs Mass Vaccinations, Transhumanism vs Spirituality, Global Depopulation vs Golden Age, Our Galactic Union/Unity with Off Planet Ancestors.   
  • Universal Spiritual Warfare – Battle of Good vs Evil / Earth Last Stronghold / Prime Source Creator GOD, Archangels, 6th to 9th Dimensional Beings vs Set, Seth, Saturn, Fallen Angels, Archons, Chimera, Satan, Lucifer, & Sophia, Earth’s Final Battle for the Soul of Humanity. 
  • Timeline Battles: The exhaustion, doubt, and fear related to US elections, covid, and financial reset. 
  • Inside vs Outside Awakening / Evolution / Shift / Transition / Transmutation / Ego Mind Consciousness vs Heart Mind Consciousness 
  • 5 Primary 3D Illusionary Lesson 
  • Monetary: Abundance vs Scarcity / Lacking vs Greed 
  • Relationships: Establishment of attachments based on fear 
  • Career: the pursuit of creative passions vs meaningless mindless careers 
  • Health: Release of New Plasma Technologies, Understanding Energy Healing
  • Spirituality: Materialism vs Spiritualism / Religion vs Spirituality 
  • Quantum Shift / 5D Shift / Galactic Energy Waves / Sun Solar Flares/CME/MiniNova’s 
  • Quantum Monetary or Phasing OUT Monetism / No Greed or Hoarding $$$
  • Quantum Relationships, Telepathy, 5D Consciousness 
  • Quantum Career / Creative Talents, Aptitude, and Interest / Not based on $$$ 
  • Quantum Health / Carbon to Crystalline Bodies / Plasma Medbeds / Self Healing
  • Quantum Spirituality / Oneness /  Unity Consciousness / Equality 
  • 3D vs 5D Awareness, Thought, Manifestation, Collective Conscious Creation, Holding 5D Energies. 
  • Materialism vs Spiritualism the inward individual & collective journey of a transformational realignment of higher consciousness and vibrational frequency. 
  • Everything we need is inside / seek / comprehensions / connectedness / unity 
  • Universal Consciousness Upgrade / Connection & Communicating with the Universe
  • Grand Cycle 26,000 Ending / Master Cycle 75,000 years = 3 Grand Cycles / New Beginning
  • The Event: Solar Flash / MiniNova / 35 Spiritual Text Second Coming Jesus/Buda/etc. / End Times Madness
  • Ascension / Golden Age / New Era Transformation
  • Internal Transitional Transformation
  • Guilt/Shame/Fear vs Forgiveness/Releasing/Love
  • Transformational Choices



One-on-one coaching explores and gives explanations to background stories on all topics discussed in our Podcast. We offer a 1 hour consulting session following the tools offered on the Great Awakening Report website. The sessions are limited to one session a week and can be scheduled 1 month in advance.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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