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GREAT AWAKENING REPORT • March 2019 • Volume II • Chapter III

Arctic Polar Vortex, Deep State vs. Alliance, Q Anon, Mueller Report, Escalating Internet Censorship, National Emergency Contested, Secret Negotiations in Venezuela, Iran, & North Korea   

March weather “roars in like a lion” as much of the country is facing extreme conditions caused by a polar vortex.  An early season series of tornadoes swept through the south, killing at least 23 in Alabama.  California saw enough rain in February to relieve all but 2.3% of the state from drought conditions.  More inclement weather is expected in the coming weeks.

Here’s a quoted source on our current Solar Minimum: “Today’s lack of sunspots, characteristic of a solar minimum, could bring record low temperatures, but some experts suggest it could even produce a “mini ice age,”  “Something unusual, but perhaps not so unusual on a large scale, is happening to our sun.  “We are currently living in the 24th solar cycle recorded. What is believed to cause a mini ice age is a prolonged solar minimum, i.e. an extended period of time when the sun does not have sunspots. “The last time a prolonged solar minimum was recorded, a mini ice age really occurred and was called Minimo di Maunder. This period lasted from 1645 to about 1715. In these 70 years, sunspots became extremely rare.”

In recent days another round of restrictions have been imposed across YouTube and Facebook, with social media companies increasingly being used as proxies in a culture war.  Most recently YouTube announced several new measures related to the safety of minors on the platform. The main driver seems to be the comments people post on videos, which anyone who uses YouTube knows often range from unsavory to downright deranged.  The specific issue concerns comments on videos that feature minors, so YouTube has disabled all comments on tens of millions of such videos.

On top of that millions of existing comments have been deleted, and a bunch of channels judged to have produced content that could be harmful to minors has been banned, which indicates this is not a new issue. YouTube tends to take its most strident action when its advertising revenues are threatened and a recent exposé on this topic prompted major advertisers, including AT&T, to cancel their deals, hence this announcement.

The battle between The Deep State and The Alliance presses on as Q remains the best source we have regarding the agenda and day to day happenings in The Alliance’s playbook.  We’ve seen hundreds of Q posts over the last month as Q Anon has become the news, he repeatedly tells anons “you are the news”.  The Deep State continues to delay The Mueller Report as they scramble to find other ways to dethrone the Trump administration.  The Mueller Report should be released to the new Senate confirmed Attorney General, William Barr in the next 18 days as confirmed by Q posts.  Meanwhile, declassification of the FISA court application will be delayed until the Alliance is able to cross all of their T’s and dot all of their I’s.  They have to make sure the Deep State’s counter moves are neutralized.

The fight over the border wall and its funding continue on as the Senate is likely to reject Trump’s National Emergency.  Republican Senator Rand Paul is the 4th GOP member to join the other side of the aisle and go against Trump’s plan.

Venezuela, Iran, and North Korean are the last Deep State holdouts to world peace and a new global financial system activation.  Sources are reporting that all 3 countries are in final negotiations with the Alliance to resolve all human rights violations, denuclearize, institute free elections, and sign peace agreements with their neighbors. Time is running out if agreements are not signed by a specified deadline or date, then force will be executed by the Alliance.  Once completed the Alliance will implement GESARA and each country will reinstate their own gold backed new currency.

The Yellow Vests marched for the 16th straight weekend, but reports say numbers are decreasing, with an approximate count of just over 39,000 protesters nationwide.  The French police have a tough job but there is no need to pepper spray a handicapped protester. The video shows a serious lack of judgment and restraint.

The Report – At a Glance

In Geopolitical, we dig further into Bob Woodward’s book on Trump, Tom Fitton’s weekly update, the US taking 50 tons of gold from ISIS, Google censorship, the truth about Venezuela, recession warnings, and news on the Fed.  In Global Weather, we’re keeping an eye on the shifting North Pole, California earthquakes, pollution, extreme weather, Greenland melting, the Polar Vortex and 30,000 scientists calling global warming a hoax.

In Health Watch we learn how to support a loved one with cancer, a lighter side of mental health, harmful vaccines, the power of lemon water, DIY energy recipes, the transformation of our food, glyphosate in beer and wine, secrets to a long life, detoxing metals and toxins, and natural remedies for grief and stress.  In True History, we question if the great pyramid blocks were cast and not quarried, mysterious structures in the Sahara desert, ancient architecture of Egypt, a forbidden discoveries documentary, a hero series on the mystery of Egypt, the Rothchilds murdering of presidents, 9/11 on trial, and mysteriously lost treasures of WWII. 

In Hidden Truths, we reference an object in earth’s orbit, the universe’s expansion, Saturn losing rings, a void below Antarctica, a groundwater system on Mars, windowless planes, new technology for troops, secret Antarctic space fleet, structures on the far side of the moon, exposing Solar Warden, and more on Antarctica.  For The Event, we look further into the solar storm, energy shift, big changes coming to humanity, featured documentary series Knowledge of the Forever Time, and things to know about the energy ascension.

In Spirituality we see how brain scans uncover a key sign of consciousness, the biology of belief, the planetary shift, signs of communication from your guardian angels, the magic of the Fibonacci sequence, how to activate your psychic powers and how to find your life’s purpose.  In Path of Awakening we explore Jared Rand’s guided meditations, a healing meditation technique, building and breaking habits, forgiveness, overcoming fear, and healing sound frequencies.  

Here’s a look back at the month as we reported in our Weekly Briefings:

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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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